Scholz, through the great alarm in Israel, fell to the ground and became a witness of the Vibukhs

The delegation of FRN Chancellor Olaf Scholz, due to the overwhelming anxiety in Tel Aviv, was hesitant to get off the plane and lie down on the ground.

Dzherelo: vidannya BildGerman reporter Sarah Sievert in social media X

Details: As evidenced, before the departure of the Chancellor’s delegation from Israel at Ben-Gurion Airport, there was anxiety. All passengers had to get off and lie down in the dark smog behind for safety.

After all, Scholz was taken to the monastery. At the same time, I became a witness of two vibukhs from the PPO.

Then they checked the car. After this hour-long evacuation, the flight crashed from Tel Aviv to Cairo.

As you can see, Chancellor Nimecchini became the first head of the order who led Israel after the Hamas attack on the 7th. At the hour of his visit, he expressed his incredible solidarity with Israel.


  • NRF Chancellor Olaf Scholz before leaving for Israel caught Vlad Iranas well as Tehran’s encouragement of the Lebanese radical Hezbollah movement in the conflict.

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