Scholz became angry over Putin’s cynical statements about the war at the Close Gathering

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described the storminess and called maximum cynicism the statements of Russian President Volodymyr Putin about the fact that the war at the Closer Meeting could lead to casualties among the civilian population.

Dzherelo: “European truth” from the senders to the Scholz Promovo at the Bundesstaz, as they were supplying a wide range of food in the context of the remaining pods.

Straight language: “I’m less excited when I feel that the Russian president is always ahead of the curve about the fact that in violent conflicts there may be victims among the civilian population.

What happened before:

  • Chancellor of the Federal Reservereport zusil for the release of the guardsstolen by the radical Islamic groups Hamas during the attack on Israel.
  • Just before his visit to Israel, Scholz had the opportunity to experience a wave of anxietyget off the flight deck and lie down on the groundat Tel Aviv airport.

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