Sberbank has not yet made a decision on repurchasing its shares from non-residents


Sberbank did not make a specific decision to buy back its own shares from non-resident investors. Vedomosti was informed about this by the company’s press service.

“Sber clarifies that it has not made a decision regarding the possible repurchase of its own shares from non-resident investors. The topic is currently being analyzed and, as the head of Sberbank German Gref emphasized, “there are no specific plans in this regard,” the company’s press service explained.

Sberbank added that such transactions must first be approved by the relevant subcommittee in the government. If a certain decision to buy back shares from non-residents is made, the bank will inform about this additionally, the press service emphasized.

On the morning of September 29, Gref announced Sberbank’s intention to buy back its shares from non-resident investors. He did not specify the current size of the package of securities and noted that the exact figure may become known closer to the date of the annual meeting of shareholders.


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