Sber announced a new scam scheme through broadcasting a smartphone screen

Sberbank reported on a new scheme of scammers, in which mcollars use the screen sharing feature during a video call. Experts said that the attackers are registering a new profile in messengers, which supposedly belongs to Sber. From this account, the scammer calls the victim, posing as an employee of the organization, and asks her if she has recently updated the application.

If a person answers that he has not updated the mobile application for a long time, the bank “employee” offers to wait for a call from his colleague who will assist in updating the program.

The criminal’s accomplice makes a video call to the victim in a messenger with a screen-sharing function and asks for access to the screen of the mobile device. He himself informs the person that he will not see the confidential information of the bank client, since a “robotic system for diagnosing the account” will connect to him. At this time, he asks to open the Sberbank application, which contains all the victim’s personal data. Subsequently, fraudsters can use this information to get money, the organization’s specialists warned.

Earlier, the Moscow Region State Budgetary Inspectorate reported that scammers are constantly changing their schemes, but the key points remain unchanged. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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