Sadalsky spoke about Pugacheva’s bank accounts abroad

Soviet and Russian theater and film actor Stanislav Sadalsky spoke about Alla Pugacheva’s foreign accounts.

The Honored Artist of the RSFSR did not agree with Diva’s close friend, guitarist Alexander Levshin, who called the financial component the reason for her departure from the Russian Federation. Sadalsky is sure that the move to Israel is connected exclusively with Maxim Galkin*. Pugacheva, in his words, has become a “slave of love” and now does not want to lose her family and husband, who takes care of her.

“I feel sorry for her in this situation, because Alla went beyond herself here,” quotes Sadalsky as saying.

The star of the films “The meeting place cannot be changed” and “Say a word about the poor hussar” also explained why any news about Alla Borisovna arouses enormous public interest. Sadalsky believes that Russians cannot come to terms with the betrayal of the artist, who was “placed on the throne,” and in response, “the throne was slammed.”

Previously Public News Service wrotethat youthful filters on social networks turned Maxim Galkin* into a teenager. The showman used popular masks while recording a video from Australia.

*recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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