Russians roaming around Kherson: 4 injured, transported to the living zone

Russian troops shelled a residential area and transport facility in Kherson, resulting in four people being wounded.

Dzherelo: Olexandr Prokudin, resident student of the Kherson Regional School Telegram

Direct language: “The occupiers shelled Kherson again. There was an attack near the residential zone. Details – please clarify.”

Details: Prokudin later reported that as a result of the shelling, two employees of the security company were injured as they were on duty at the time of the shelling. Another wounded man, 47-year-old, was hospitalized until surgery for shrapnel wounds on both sides. The posture of the victim is of average importance.

Close to the day, Prokudin reported on another incident – in the territory of the transport industry. First, one person is injured.


photo from Prokudin’s telegram

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