Russians are turbobanned "Ukrainian activity" on the left birch of the Dnieper Kherson region – ISW

The Institute of Warfare (ISW) admits that Ukrainian Marines have arrived on the occupied river bank of the Dnieper, and the Russians are stimulating the possibility of a “larger-scale Ukrainian operation” to recoup from Kherson region.

Dzherelo: ISW

Details: Russian troops confirmed that on the 17th-18th, two Ukrainian brigades of naval infantry, apparently, at the company level, launched an attack across the Dnieper River on the opposite (Left) bank of the Kherson region sti.

Geolocation images published on June 18 indicate that Ukrainian forces have reached the outskirts of Pishchanivka (14 km from Kherson and 3 km from the Dnieper River) and into the Poima ( 11 km at the exit from Kherson and 4 km from the Dnieper River) .

Looking back, we point out that Russian residents were stimulating the influence of Ukrainian activity in the Kherson region and viewed this activity as part of a potential larger-scale Ukraine. any operation.

According to experts, Russia’s concern about the availability of Russian troops to increase the potential of the Ukrainian offensive operation through the Dnieper may be often connected with the camp of the Russian grouping of forces on the left birch.

Over the past month, the Russian command has transferred significantly more spruce units from Kherson directly to support defense operations at the entrance to the Zaporizhzhya region, fragments are likely to be seen Kherson is a quiet sector, and the current level of power in this region is certainly less combative.

This means: ISW will not speculate on the scale and prospects of the troubling Ukrainian activity in the convergence of the Kherson region, rather than assess that Ukrainian forces have created a bridgehead in the convergence of the Kherson region and the Kherson region, equipped with significant mechanized forces for further maneuver.

However, they add that it is clear that reliable Russian officials are discussing Ukrainian affairs on a similar scale, which was previously documented tactfully and raids of Ukrainian forces across the river.

Key ISW developments for the 18th month:

  • The Russians are confident that, most likely, the company forces of two Ukrainian marine brigades launched an attack across the Dnieper on the opposite (left) bank of the Kherson region on June 17-18.
  • The Russians have detected a significant surge in Ukrainian activity in the Kherson region and view this as part of a potentially larger Ukrainian operation.
  • ISW will not speculate on the scale and prospects of the three Ukrainian activities in the Kherson region, and does not care that Ukrainian forces have established a bridgehead in the Kherson region, which is attached to further maneuver with significant mechanized forces at the moment.
  • The Ukrainian troops continued counter-offensive operations at the end of Ukraine and, as reported, pushed forward near Bakhmut and in the western part of the Zaporizia region.
  • They reported that the United States has so far sent a number of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, and the Kremlin has been slow to respond to these systems.
  • Satellite images from the 17th year indicate that the attack of Ukrainian ATACMS on the airfield in Berdyansk has likely caused significant harm to Russian pilots and the airfield infrastructure, but ISW has not yet We can confirm the scale of the damage.
  • Russian President Volodymyr Putin declared his desire to delve into Russian-Chinese economic and political ties, but did not voice practical changes at the international forum “One Belt, One Road” in Beijing 18 zhovtnya.
  • Russian troops carried out offensive operations along the Kup’yansk-Svatove-Kreminna line, near Bakhmut, on the Avdiivsky direct, on the day before Donetsk, near the border zone of Donetsk and Zapor narrow areas, at the end of the Zaporizhzhya region, they emerged on the day of Avdiivka.

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