Russian scientists gave advice for prolonging youth

Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Technologies at Perm Polytechnic University Yulia Rozhkova gave Russians advice that will help prevent premature aging.

The specialist explained that it is impossible to completely stop this process, but it can be slowed down. Rozhkova listed the reasons that accelerate old age. She included ultraviolet radiation, smoking, excessive sugar consumption, and frequent cosmetic procedures. Rozhkova urged to beware of dry air, especially in winter.

To combat early aging, you should use sunscreen cosmetics. These skin care products contain antioxidants and other beneficial components.

“Antioxidants can be both water-soluble and fat-soluble, therefore, to provide a complex effect on the skin, you need to choose those products that contain representatives of both of these groups,” quotes Rozhkova as saying.

Previously, Moroccan scientists called pomegranate a panacea for almost all diseases. Experts recommended including this berry in your diet. More details in material Public News Service.

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