Russia will develop a unified service for “labeling” calls with advertising

VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline) launched a service for “labeling” incoming calls “Label”. For now it is available only within the Beeline network, but work is underway with other companies on the market to create a unified service for “marking” calls, told RBC representative of Beeline.

The service works as follows: companies buy the service from the operator, after which they enter data (company name, purpose of the call, etc.), which should appear on the screen when making a call. Thus, the subscriber will be able to immediately understand who is calling him from an unfamiliar number; for this he does not need to install additional applications.

The interlocutor explained to the publication that companies pay for each fact of initiating a call; he did not comment on commercial details. He clarified that now the service operates only within the perimeter of the Beeline network, but the operator is interested in cooperation with other companies on the market. “To do this, a similar solution must be created on the side of the second operator. We are working together with colleagues in the market to create a unified b2b solution for “labeling” calls,” he said.

The discussion of the initiative was confirmed by RBC’s source in another major telecom operator.

Representative MTS recalled that the operator launched a similar “Authorized Call” service back in April 2022. He added that based on the results of the first half of 2023, the company sees growing demand for the service in fintech, retail and the service sector.

A Megafon representative said that subscribers using the Eva virtual assistant can receive information about an incoming call. We are talking about 8.2 million clients, the company clarified. Two RBC sources in the telecommunications market claim that already at the beginning of 2024 “Megaphone» intends to provide the opportunity for companies to enter data about themselves into this service.

Currently, Russian subscribers also have access to a number of services for identifying and blocking spam calls. In particular, such a function is provided by “Tinkoff Bank“, “Yandex“, telecom operators Megafon, MTS, Tele2, etc. As Vedomosti wrote earlier, such services and applications usually use various algorithms and open databases to identify the number.

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