Russia was not accepted as a permanent member of the UN for Human Rights

The UN General Assembly again did not accept Russia as a member of the Organization for Human Rights despite its ongoing campaign.

Dzherelo:”European truth”

Details: Among the 15 members of the UN for human rights for 2024-2026, which the General Assembly has recruited, there are no Russian Federation.

Along with the European powers, Albania, Bulgaria, France and the Netherlands will be represented there. Russia dealt with Albania and Bulgaria in two months in Rada, reserved for the countries of Central and Contiguous Europe.

Guess what, last month it became clear thatThe Russian Federation is expanding among the UN member statesThe position document will be sent to the warehouse for the sake of human rights.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health then announced that they would approve their candidacyRussia is trying to bringthat “we can continue to rudely and rudely violate the rights of people, to suppress military atrocities and atrocities against people.”

Guess what, on the 7th quarter of 2022, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution onreduction of membership of the Russian Federation in the UN Radio for Human Rights. After this decision, the Russian Federation issued a statement about its “Voluntary exit” from the Radi warehouse.

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