Russia hit the Mykolayiv region: two people died

On the evening of the 18th, the Russian army launched an attack on the village of Stepivska community in Mykolayivshchyna, apparently two people were killed.

Dzherelo: Ministry of Internal Affairshead of Mykolayivska OVA Vitaly Kim

Direct language:“About 20:30, the enemy launched a strike on the populated area of ​​the Stepivska community. A woman died, and the slaughterers were unblocking the armed forces. Apparently, another person is under the rubble. Also in “Idomo about one wounded man.”

Details: In Kim’s words, everyday life and agricultural production have been damaged. More detailed information to be clarified.

Updated at 23:46: The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that under the rubble of the constructed food pawn, the sleuths unblocked the bodies of two people. One person was injured.

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