Russia has spent over hundreds of pieces of equipment in the area of ​​one village – DeepState

The Russian occupiers spent at least 63 units of military equipment in the area of ​​the village of Krasnogorivka on the Avdiivsky direct.

Dzherelo: Telegram channel Deepstate From messages sent on satellite images

Verbatim: “Having analyzed the changes on satellite images, the waste of more than six dozen pieces of equipment was recorded. Almost all the equipment was lost in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka (A) and on the way to the populated area.”

Details: Deepstate says that it is important to evaluate the waste of the enemy on living forces, but at this time, according to their data, the number of dead occupiers “die in the hundreds.”



Verbatim: “Also, these are unacceptable news. This attack is a definitive proof of the ineffectiveness of the tactics of armored fists, if one side concentrates technology and for the sake of advantage it is able to achieve success on the battlefield.

Our defeated colonies in Malaya Tokmachka, Verbovoy, Robotiny, Staromayorsk, Novodonetsk and Rivnopol, as well as the defeated colonies of the enemy in Vugledar, Novogorivka, Makiivka, Andriivka, Mar’inka, and now Krasnogor Ivki (A) and Vodianoy-Pervomaiskogo, є Let us prove this thesis.”

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