Russia has begun training specialists in political science expertise

Russia has begun training experts in political science research of information materials. About it reported Interfax with reference to Georgy Omelyanyuk, Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Center for Forensic Expertise (RFCSE) under the Ministry of Justice.

Three experts are already being trained under the program of additional professional education, two of whom have a doctorate of science, one has a candidate of political sciences.

“The tasks of political science expertise include establishing the fact of political activity, because often an organization declares that it is not engaged in political activity, but in fact it actually carries out such activity,” Omelyanyuk said at the XII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Theory and Practice of Fundamental and Applied research in the field of forensic activity and DNA registration of the population of the Russian Federation” in Novosibirsk.

According to the deputy director of the Russian Federal Center for Social Security and Economics, a political science examination will be carried out in relation to political speeches, statements, appeals, statutory documents and programs of political organizations, as well as in cases related to the recognition of non-profit organizations or individuals as foreign agents, the dissemination of extremist materials, calls for mass riots and violations during elections. In addition, experts will study any propaganda materials – from slogans and symbols to photographs and videos, as well as comments on the Internet.

In March 2023, the Russian Ministry of Justice posted for public discussion, a draft order to change the list of forensic examinations carried out by forensic institutions of the department. Among the innovations, it was proposed to add political science expertise to the list. Expert research will help establish the presence of signs of “political extremism” in certain public materials.

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