Russia handed over to Hamas the hunting camp, the killing in Ukraine – Budanov

The head of the main intelligence department, Kirilo Budanov, confirmed that the Russians were transferring the grouped Hamas to the armed forces that were going to conquer Ukraine. It is important that the conflict in Israel does not appear in the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which will end in the near future, because the threat of a “global war” looms in the world.

Dzherelo: Budanov in the interview “Ukrainian Truth”

Direct language: “We clearly know that the trophy loot from Ukraine was nevertheless transferred by the Russians to the grouped Hamas.

There is some information about those who have reached Hezbollah, but we are not sure about it.”

Details: Takozh Budanov, Sho Rosiyani Dop-Magi, Hamas Vicoristovati FPV-Troni, Oppositors: “Nihto INISH, Yak, Yaki, our theater did not have such a robiti. Occice did not bumble us, mean, Tse Buli Rosigani.”

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate announced that a week before the start of operations in Israel, the Russian station “Sputnik” began to officially broadcast in Arabic in the territory of Lebanon: “The campaign is in an absolutely propaganda style with obvious Russian what narratives.”

In addition, on the 24th of April, a Russian spacecraft, which was launched to conduct radio-electronic reconnaissance and transfer of satellite signals, was moving into the geostationary orbit of Israel.

From 22 to 24 spring, the Russian military delegation visited Iran: “We know that there was a lot, let’s say, from the Iranian side. One of them was the expansion of opportunities It has now become clear that the Russians have begun to supply the most valuable information. “To all the involved parties. Let me tell you that it is not just Iran, but all the involved parties.”

Budanov also decided to go to Israel for military assistance to Ukraine. In my opinion, “if the conflict will continue for hours, up to many years, then there is no point in boasting about it.

Direct language: “If the situation drags on, it is entirely clear that there will be serious problems with this, because not only Ukraine will need to receive armor and ammunition…

Until the middle of the coming fate, we will not have any special problems with military help. And then everything will be left to us – how we can correctly convey, show and explain our needs to everyone, and also create greater production among us.”

The head of intelligence added that the world is “slowly approaching a global war,” because all these conflicts “are connected to each other by the same countries that are drawn into these processes.”

Guess what:

  • 7 zhovtnyaHamas launched a massive missile attack on Israelfire broke out in the area.
  • Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russian occupiers handed over to Hamas militants During the war in Ukraine, trophy armor made in the USA and EU was buried. The Main Intelligence Directorate has announced that Russia is preparing to discredit Ukraine in order to attack the allies’ installations and the current approach.

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