“RusHydro” through the court returned its shares from the liquidated Irish company


PJSC “RusHydro» regained ownership of 8.1 million of its shares, which were owned by the liquidated Irish company Cossington Overseas, should from materials of the Arbitration Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

After its liquidation in 2003, the papers previously owned by the Irish company were not transferred to the ownership of other persons. They became abandoned assets, but remained on the register under the control of the defunct Cossington Overseas. The shares could not be returned to free circulation; dividends payable on them were frozen.

The court fully satisfied the requirement “RusHydro» on the return of shares to ownership. The corporation filed a lawsuit against the holder of its register of shareholders “VTB To the registrar.”

By 17:49 Moscow time the price of shares “RusHydro» on the Moscow Exchange amounted to 0.84 rubles. – 0.13% less than the price at the close of the main session the day before. The key index of the trading platform amounted to 3172.6 points (-0.66%). Since the beginning of the year, the company’s quotes have increased by 11.01%, the benchmark – by 47.29%.

Cossington Overseas, according to Kommersant, was a subsidiary of the American real estate trading and management company Sector Capital Development. An Irish company on the Russian stock market traded funds from private clients and foreign funds.

RusHydro» serves more than 60 Russian hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity of more than 38 GW, as well as thermal power plants and heating grid assets in the Far East. The association includes energy sales companies and research and design institutes.

According to the SPARK-Interfax system, the key shareholder “RusHydro“is the Federal Property Management Agency. Department owns 62.2% of the corporation’s shares. Another 12.37% of securities belongs to VTB9.61% to low-carbon aluminum and renewable energy producer En+ Group.

August 23 “RusHydro» completed payment of dividends to its shareholders for 2022. The size of the tranche amounted to RUB 22.18 billion. Over the past five years, the company has paid out more than 100 billion rubles to holders of its securities, of which more than 62 billion rubles. sent to the Russian budget.


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