RusHydro bought back more than 200,000 of its shares from investors

PJSC “RusHydro┬╗ bought back 212,209 of its own securities from shareholders. The total volume of own shares owned by the issuer amounted to 0.007%, reported corporation on the website of the Corporate Information Disclosure Center.

RusHydro did not specify the cost of the transaction. At the close of the main trading session of the Moscow Exchange the day before, shares were trading at 0.85 rubles. Accordingly, the energy company could pay about 185,000 rubles for the specified volume.

By 16:47 Moscow time, the price of securities was 0.86 rubles (+0.57% compared to the closing price of trading on October 18). The Moscow Exchange index amounted to 3256.69 points (+0.23%). Since the beginning of the year, the company’s quotes have increased by 13.25%, the benchmark – by 51.2%.

A week ago, RusHydro, through the court, returned ownership of 8.1 million of its shares, which were owned by the liquidated Irish company Cossington Overseas. After its closure in 2003, the shares of the Russian energy corporation were not transferred to the ownership of other persons. They turned into ownerless property, although the register continued to be listed as the property of a defunct organization.

August 23 “RusHydro┬╗ completed payment of dividends to its shareholders for 2022. The size of the tranche amounted to RUB 22.18 billion. Over the past five years, the company has paid out more than 100 billion rubles to holders of its securities, of which more than 62 billion rubles. sent to the Russian budget.

According to the SPARK-Interfax system, the controlling stake in the company belongs to the Federal Property Management Agency. Owned by the department located 62.2% of papers. Another 12.37% of shares belongs to VTB9.61% to low-carbon aluminum and renewable energy producer En+ Group.

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