RST Vice-President Barzykin named popular holiday destinations in the winter-spring season

During the transitional winter-spring season, Russians more often go on tourist trips to both domestic and foreign destinations, since the February and March holidays, as well as spring school holidays, fall during this period. Among the most popular destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, suburban recreation centers and the Black Sea coast. About it Public News Service reported First Vice-President of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry Yuri Barzykin.

The period of late winter – early spring has its own characteristics for the tourism industry due to “two serious impulses” that actively generate tourist flows – this is the long weekend on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 and International Women’s Day on March 8, an industry expert pointed out. Many Russians also take additional time off or add official days off to extend their rest time – this allows them to go on full-fledged tours, Barzykin noted. In addition, school spring holidays play a role in the rise in tourist activity, during which parents can go on vacation with their children.

“Muscovites go to the North-West, the North-West goes to Moscow.”


The vice-president of the PCT says about the most popular directions:

“Within the country – to Moscow and from Moscow. Moscow is number one for us. This is also St. Petersburg, of course. Muscovites go to the North-West, the North-West goes to Moscow. Well, the suburbs – all boarding houses and recreation centers are booked for this weekend,” he noted. — As a rule, there are no full-scale tours along the Golden Ring, but two or three or four cities are definitely visited. If we talk a little further, they go and fly mainly to the Black Sea coast. This is also, of course, Karelia – they go there and get all the way to the Murmansk region. Kazan is also traditionally included in the top five for this short weekend. As a rule, the time is 4-5 hours for air travel and 8-12 hours for railway transport.”

During the February-March holidays, Russians also travel abroad in their inner circle: Abkhazia, Belarus, Istanbul and the UAE. Travel to foreign countries is also not uncommon during this period.

“Half of the river tours have already been purchased.”


Barzykin noted that Russia has now surpassed the pre-Covid period of 2019 in terms of the volume of tourist flows, and in the future the indicators will continue to develop.

“For May, of course, [ассортимент направлений] will be wider. Tourist trains will be added – 25 pairs of trains throughout Russia as a whole. From April, river navigation will be added, which is already in great demand – half of the river tours have already been purchased,” says the publication’s interlocutor. — Bookings for the May holidays are ongoing, but at the same level as last year. It cannot be said that there are any surges in activity.”

Earlier in a conversation with OSN, a travel industry expert Alexander Osaulenko told how much a tour to the DPRK will cost.

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