RosZMI: Russia has appointed a new head commander of the PKS to replace Surovikin

Viktor Afzalov has become the commander of the Russian air and space forces, the replacement of Sergei Surovikin, reports the propaganda media from messages sent to “Dzherela”.

Dzherelo: propaganda ZMI:RBC, RIA News

Details: Afzalov had already been relieved of military duties when Surovikin commanded the United Grouped Military Forces in Ukraine. Torik at the chest of Afzalov lost the rank of Colonel General.


  • On 11 June 2023, Surovikin was appointed to the new posad, inchillingCoordination committee for anti-anti-aircraft defense under the Council of Ministers of Defense of the Union of Independent Powers.
  • 13 lipnya vidannya The Wall Street Journal iz poslannyam na dzherelainformed, that the Russian intelligence service hounded at least 13 high-ranking military officials, including General Sergiy Surovikin, in connection with the stabbing of Yevgen Prigozhin; 15 officers were sidelined or called out.
  • On September 22, Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin released the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, General Sergius, from prison.Surovikinawho, according to ZMI, was targeted by counterintelligence in connection with the stabbed Yevgen Prigozhin.
  • On April 5 it became clear that Surovikinalet us ina few days after the death of Evgen Prigozhin’s band of Wagnerites in an airplane.
  • 6th spring from the website of the Russian Ministry of Defensethe side is gonewith information about the ex-commander of the Air and Space Forces, General Sergei Surovikin.

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