Rostec: howitzer “Coalition-SV” is ready for mass production

The newest howitzer “Coalition-SV” has successfully passed state tests and is ready to begin mass production. About it reported in the press service of the Rostec state corporation.

“The newest howitzer surpasses the best world and domestic models in terms of firing range and accuracy, as well as in the time it takes to solve combat missions,” the statement said.

The state corporation noted that this self-propelled artillery gun (SAO) is designed to destroy armored vehicles, air defense and missile defense points, artillery and mortar batteries, as well as enemy personnel.

As Bekhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the Rostec complex of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemicals, noted, “Coalition-SV” is distinguished by a high level of automation. In particular, the CAO has fully automated pre-firing processes, which reduces the start time of firing. The crew of the vehicle is in an isolated capsule and controls the howitzer remotely, Ozdoev added.

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