Rosobrnadzor will collect information about students for military registration

Rosobrnadzor will now collect information about students necessary for military registration and transfer it to the state information resource. This resolution, signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, published on the legal information portal.

“Collection of information necessary for maintaining military records about citizens studying in educational organizations of higher education and scientific organizations in full-time study <...> and transfer of this information in electronic form to a state information resource containing information about citizens necessary for updating documents military registration,” says the wording, which now supplements the regulations on Rosobranadzor.

The document notes that we are talking about students of schools, colleges, as well as students of bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s, residency programs, assistantship-internships, etc.

In mid-April, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed law on the creation of a digital registration system for military personnel. According to the changes, information from state information systems and from government bodies is used to maintain the military registration register formed by military registration and enlistment offices. In addition, from the moment they receive the summons until they appear at the military registration and enlistment office, citizens will not be able to leave Russia.

Also, in case of failure to appear, there may be a ban on state registration as an individual entrepreneur, deprivation of the ability to drive a vehicle, enter into real estate transactions, etc. In addition, the amendments allow adults to enter into a contract for military service immediately after graduation.

At the beginning of June, the Russian Ministry of Defense suggested register and remove citizens from military registration without appearing at the military registration and enlistment office. Notifications about this will be sent to your personal account on the portal of state and municipal services, as specified in the document. Attendance will still be mandatory for the medical examination. It is planned to send out summonses through the Unified Register of Military Records or by registered mail.

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