Romania called on Russia to attack Ukraine, because the drone would fall on its territory again

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Luminice Odobescu, called on Russia to launch a gradual attack on Ukraine, stopping Odesshina, which is in the middle of a conflict with the Romanian territory: on the night of the 11th, the day fell there owy drone.

Dzherelo: “European truth” s posilanyam na tweetLuminice Odobesku and information Ministry of Defense of Romania

Details: The head of the Romanian MZS called the Russian attacks on the civil infrastructure of Ukraine “unfortunate,” adding that they again “led to serious consequences on the territory of Romania.”

Direct words from Odobescu: “New evidence of vibuhu has been found on Rumanian soil. We call on Russia to punish these war crimes.”

Details: Earlier, the Romanian Ministry of Defense reported that a drone was spotted on Romanian territory at around 05:00 on Wednesday, having arrived “from the conflict zone in Ukraine.”

This is due to the recent Russian attacks by kamikaze drones on the Ukrainian port infrastructure near the Ukrainian-Romanian border. Just before the scene cleared up, special services discovered a crater near the apparent crash of the drone.

“The Ministry of National Defense strongly condemns the attacks carried out by the Russian Federation against objects and elements of civil infrastructure in the Ukrainian Danube ports. These attacks are unjustifiable and seriously comply with the norms of international humanitarian law,” the agency added.

This is not the first such incident. The Rumunian Ministry of Defense previously issued a report that drones fell rapidly on Romanian territory – These are the Russian drones that were shot down by the anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine.

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