RIAN: Ukraine’s GDP will reach pre-crisis levels in 2030

Ukraine’s gross domestic product (GDP) will be able to return to the 2021 level, which was 5.5 trillion hryvnia, only in 2030. RIA Novosti analysts shared the same opinion. The agency referred to data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy and the National Bank.

As journalists managed to find out, Ukraine’s GDP in 2022 decreased from 5.5 trillion to 3.8 trillion hryvnia in constant prices, thus losing 29.1%.

In accordance with the forecast of the Ukrainian National Bank, which was published in October, the country’s economy will be able to add 4.9% by the end of the year, in 2024 it will grow by 3.6%, and in 2025 – by 6%. This means that after three years, GDP in 2021 prices will be equal to about 4.5 trillion hryvnia, the authors of the material clarified.

“Thus, with an average annual growth rate of 4.8%, the economy will reach the pre-crisis level only in five years – in 2030, when its GDP will amount to 5.6 trillion hryvnia in 2021 prices,” the article says.

Previously Public News Service reported, that in the Russian Federation, GDP, after growth, which was recorded at the end of 2023 and amounted to 3-3.2%, will show a slowing down trend next year. Thus, GDP growth in 2024 will be only 0.5-1.3%. Experts from the ACRA rating agency shared the corresponding forecast.

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