Razvozhaev: the fleet repels an attack by air targets in the Sukharnaya Balka area

In the area of ​​Sukharnaya Balka in Sevastopol, the Black Sea Fleet repels an attack by air targets, reported city ​​governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

“In the area of ​​Sukharnaya Balka, our fleet repels an attack by air targets. All services have been put on alert,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Razvozhaev clarified that there was smoke in the area of ​​the beam. Rescuers arrived at the scene. Information about the damage is being clarified, the governor added and asked to remain calm.

Before this post, Razvozhaev published information about an air raid alert in the city. Afterwards, he announced that the alarm had been lifted.

Previously the Ministry of Defense reportedthat during the night of October 18, Russian air defense systems destroyed 28 drones over the territory of the Kursk and Belgorod regions, as well as over the Black Sea.

A high (“yellow”) level of terrorist threat remains in effect in Sevastopol indefinitely. Since October 19, 2022, by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the city has established a medium level of response.

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