Rapper ST shot a video for the song “Give him strength” in the SVO holding area

Rap artist Alexander Stepanov, known under the pseudonym ST, filmed a video for the song “Give him strength” in the zone of a special military operation. The filming process took place in real trenches and dugouts. This became known from the publication of the Izvestia newspaper.

It is clarified that the authors of the material wanted to demonstrate as accurately as possible the life and life of military personnel on the line of combat contact, for this reason they did not use decorations. The filming was carried out in the field, and not only professional actors took part in it, but also Russian fighters.

“All of these are real dugouts and trenches in which soldiers defend their homeland every day,” the message said.

The participants in the video are ordinary guys who consider defending the Motherland their own duty. One of the actors said that he visits the temple and lights candles for the health of the military.

Due to filming in a special operation zone, information about the video was kept secret and was distributed at the last moment. Smoke was used on the set, as well as heavy equipment: Tiger and armored personnel carriers.

Earlier it was reported that rapper ST (real name Alexander Stepanov) and guitarist of the group “Zveri” German Osipov performed in front of the Russian Guards in the Northern Military District zone. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message Rapper ST shot a video for the song “Give him strength” in the SVO holding area appeared first on Public news service.

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