Rapper Apachev sang the song “Plive Kacha” in Ukrainian on Russian TV

The Ukrainian song “Plive Kacha”, performed by Donetsk rapper Akim Apachev and singer Daria Frey, sounded on Russian television. As part of the “New Year’s Eve” program on Channel One, the artists presented the audience with this composition, the translation of which into Russian sounds like “A duck is swimming.” RIA Novosti reports about this.

The lyrics of the song contain phrases in which the author, on behalf of the hero, expresses admiration for his hometown and indicates his belonging to it. The work also touches on the topic of condemning the actions of the Ukrainian military.

“My city of Mary, out of habit, greets the St. George Ribbon. <…> This is my home, this is my Crimea, this is my land”


Akim Apachev is from Mariupol. His real name is Akim Vladimirovich Gasanov. In addition to musical creativity, Apachev was involved in directing and shooting video clips. He also became a war correspondent, covering events along the contact line.

In October 2022, Akim Apachev assessed the departure of representatives of the “creative elite” from Russia for political reasons, considering this a positive signal. In his opinion, the absence of such people will give the country the opportunity to acquire new forms and content in philosophy and culture.

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