Radiologist Khmelevsky believes that refusing an MRI can be fatal

You can often hear on the Internet about the dangers of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for health. There are a lot of myths around this topic. They were dispelled by the chief freelance radiologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Evgeny Khmelevsky, TASS reports.

MRI is a safe diagnostic method that allows you to monitor changes in internal organs and tissues. It is based on nuclear magnetic resonance, so you can undergo this procedure more often than computed tomography (CT).

Magnetic resonance imaging is not prescribed for patients who have pacemakers, as well as those who have metal structures in their body. Closed devices have weight and height restrictions. MRIs are also not performed on pregnant women during the first and third trimesters.

Khmelevsky said that the benefits of MRI are many times greater than the harm from the device. According to him, if there are medical indications, you should not refuse the procedure, since such a decision can be fatal.

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