Putin will visit one of the regions of Russia next week

Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to one of the Russian regions, as reported on October 15 in the “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin”

“This week there will also be a trip to one of the regions of Russia,” said the author of the program Pavel Zarubin on Telegram.

The Russian leader will visit China, where he will take part in the “One Belt, One Road” forum. A meeting is planned with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Kremlin has not yet announced Putin’s plans for the next week.

Previously journalist Zarubin published presidential statement on the likelihood of escalation between the United States and Russia. According to him, a possible military confrontation will not be a special military operation, but “a completely different war.” At the same time, he noted that such a thought could hardly occur to people “in their right mind.”

“And if she comes, it only makes us wary. Moreover, fighting both Russia and China at once is nonsense, of course. I don’t think this is all serious. They scare each other, in my opinion, and that’s all,” the head of state clarified.

Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Russia on March 20-22, which became his first foreign trip after being appointed chairman of the People’s Republic of China for the third time. The meeting between Chinese and Russian leaders will be the third in 2023.

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