Putin urged not to read American media

American media often distort reality, so you shouldn’t read them, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference following his official visit to Bishkek.

During the event, journalists asked the head of state to comment on US media articles that the Russian base in Kyrgyzstan had allegedly fallen into disrepair.

“You are reading the American media in vain. Firstly, they very often distort reality – just listen to the former President of the United States <...> They will teach you bad things,” Putin replied.

Earlier, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov statedthat Putin will sooner or later give interviews to international media, including American ones. At a time when “the public is seriously intoxicated by such Russian-hating propaganda,” this makes no sense. Peskov also recalled that in conversations with foreign journalists, Putin is always extremely frank, gives detailed answers to questions and clarifies Russia’s position.

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