Putin stopped by the headquarters near Rostov at night and handed over "hi" commanders

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin visited Rostov-on-Don at night, visited the military headquarters and heard from the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov about the situation on the Ukrainian front.

Dzherelo: Journalists of the Kremlin pool “RIA Novosti” in the Telegram channel RIA_Kremlinpool

Details: Judging from the published short video, Putin arrived late in the evening, his friend Gerasimov.

As it turns out, the Russian President arrived at the headquarters of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation. Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov informed you about the end of the war. According to the general’s words, the united military forces are keeping their tasks “according to plan,” the so-called “SVO.”

Putin also spoke with other senior officials of the Ministry of Defense.

“Say hello to all the commanders. All the best,” the journalists quote Putin.

Tsyomu was blown away:17-18 June Volodymyr Putin visited China, on Wednesday he spoke at the third International Forum “One Belt, One Road” and Provtalks with the Chinese leaderWith Xi Jinping.

After the conflict with Xi Jinping, Putin was filmed in Beijing as distinguished officers, such ascarried a “nuclear bag”.

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