Putin stated that he is preparing for the ZSU offensive

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has declared that the ZSU counter-offensive has “failed completely”, but is looking for new offensive actions.

Dzherelo: Putin at the program “Moscow, Kremlin, Putin”

Straight from Putin: “What is the point of a counter-offensive, if anything stalls, it will fail completely.

We know that in several areas of the fighting, the opposing side is preparing new active offensive operations.

Mi bachimo tse, we know. I react unequivocally.

Those that occur simultaneously throughout the entire period of activity are called “active defense.” And our military will improve its position practically in every space. There is plenty of space to be had.”

Details: Putin stated that all his people are trying to “populate their camp on the same plots.”

Guess what:The commander of the Combined Grouped Army, Colonel General Oleksandr Sirsky, announced Russia’s new offensive in the Makiivka area and directly on Kup’yansky.

In his words, the enemy for two months”having rejuvenated and become active offensive actions.”

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