Putin spared the Palestinians and accused Israel of burying part of their land

The President of the aggressor country, Volodymyr Putin, appreciates that the “settlement policy to Israel” has become one of the reasons for the war in the region, and the “Palestinian problem” is perceived as a great injustice to those who support Islam.

Dzherelo: Russian propaganda “TASS”, “RIA News”How to quote Putin during the energetic forum

Straight from Putin: “The Palestinian problem is in the heart of every person in this region. But I think that in the heart of everyone who follows Islam, this is how life has developed, these are obvious speeches. And everything that happens is accepted – not just ki immediately, and for ten years – accepted , as a manifestation of injustice, which has been brought to such an extreme level.”

Details: In other words, Israel’s “settlement policy” is one of the reasons for the war. “Part of the lands that the Palestinians respect and have always respected, partly of the Palestinians, are occupied by Israel at different times and in different ways. This, of course, with the help of military force,” says Put in.

Putin stated that the creation of a sovereign Palestine had already been achieved by Israel, but which was never created. Actually, it seems that the United States was trying to replace the top political problems with “material handouts” to Palestine.

Putin also stated that Russia stands for the creation of a Palestinian state. “We have always stood up for this decision for the sake of the Security of the UN, respecting our immediate creation of an independent sovereign Palestinian state,” Putin said.


  • 7 zhovtnyaHamas launched a massive missile attack on Israel, fire broke out in the area. Set up for the evening of the 8thThe number of people killed in Israel as a result of the Hamas attack exceeded 700 people,It was over 2200 early.
  • Aviation to Israel on the night of the 9thcontinued to strike the Gaza Strip,to “reduce the power of the terrorist group Hamas.” It appeared that the military bombed not only the commanders’ huts, but also the huts of the active fighters. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced thatattacked 500 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets.
  • The IDF said that Israel “seriously weakening capacity”The Palestinian militant group Hamas suffered as a result of the military strikes on Gazi, which continued until early Monday.
  • It was also reported thatIsrael has returned to controlall areas on the border of the Gazi Strip.
  • After this, Hamas stated thatready before negotiations with Israel.
  • The Israeli Defense Forces announced that on the 10th of Junelaunched strikes on over 200 targets in the Gazi Strip.
  • The Israeli military stated thatNearly 1,500 militants were found on Israeli territoryHamas after gaining control over the border.
  • They also informed that the IDFexport hundreds of their military personnel from Europe to take part in the war.

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