Putin introduced a draft on the submission of income data by candidates to the personnel reserve

Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a bill to the State Duma, according to which civil servants and citizens applying for inclusion in the federal personnel reserve will have to provide information about their income and property, as well as similar information about their family members. Document published in the system of supporting legislative activity.

Putin submitted the document on October 14, the draft was registered and sent to the Chairman of the State Duma, after which its preliminary consideration will take place. The bill amends the law “On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation” and Art. 8 “On combating corruption”, follows from the explanatory note.

The document, as noted, was prepared in order to improve the legal basis for the formation of a federal personnel reserve in the state civil service of the Russian Federation.

The head of state proposes to make a number of changes to these federal laws. In particular, civil servants and citizens applying for inclusion in the federal personnel reserve will be required to provide “information about their income, property and property-related liabilities, as well as income, property and property-related liabilities of their family members when considering the issue of their inclusion in the federal personnel reserve.” In addition, the document establishes “the introduction and regulation of certain issues of verifying the accuracy and completeness of the specified information.”

The regulations on the federal personnel reserve, which defines categories and groups of positions in the federal public civil service, will be approved by the president, follows from the explanatory note.

The federal personnel reserve will be formed to select management personnel at the level of deputy federal ministers, heads of federal services and agencies and their deputies. As Vedomosti’s interlocutors reported, the personnel reserve will be formed not on the principle of self-nomination, but solely on the basis of recommendations from officials of the presidential administration, government, heads of federal government agencies and governors. A candidate for the reserve will have to submit a declaration of income – his own and family members, consent to possible relocation to another area, consent to an assessment of his professional level and verification activities. According to one of the interlocutors, candidates also need to undergo psychological testing.

The final decision on whether to include a candidate in the federal personnel reserve after analysis and checks will be made by the head of the presidential administration.

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