Putin instructed the Ministry of Labor to rid the rehabilitation equipment sector of the monopoly

The production of rehabilitation means for disabled people should be freed from monopoly. This instruction was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation at the Council on Physical Culture and Sports in Perm.

“The Ministry of Labor must rid this type of activity from the monopoly. Yes, modern means of rehabilitation are more expensive, and many times more expensive. The Ministry of Finance has allocated additional money, I know. We will find everything needed for these purposes from extra-budgetary sources,” the president assured.

Putin also recalled that in addition to foreign means of rehabilitation, there are also modern, effective domestic means that also need to be included in the work.

The President also instructed to resolve the issue of providing the special operation participants with rehabilitation means.

October 17, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Alexey Vovchenko toldthat more than half of the cases of disability among participants in the special operation, as determined by medical and social examination, are associated with amputation of the upper and lower extremities. Most of them are young people. 84% of them recommended technical means of rehabilitation.

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