Putin held talks with the presidents of Syria, Iran, Egypt and Palestine

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during telephone conversations with the presidents of Syria, Iran, Egypt and Palestine Bashar al-Assad, Ebrahim Raisi, Abdelfattah Sisi and Mahmoud Abbas, respectively, discussed the worsening of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, reported Kremlin press service

“There was a unanimous opinion on the need for an early ceasefire and the establishment of a humanitarian truce in order to urgently provide assistance to all those in need,” the statement said.

The presidents of Syria, Iran, Egypt and Palestine shared their assessments of the situation with the Russian leader and emphasized the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the need to lift the blockade. “Serious concern was also noted about the likelihood of the conflict escalating into a regional war,” the Kremlin clarified.

Putin, during negotiations with the leaders of Middle Eastern countries, noted that Russia deeply sympathizes with all the victims and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance, and is also committed to coordinating efforts to stop the fighting as soon as possible. Russia has submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council to declare an immediate humanitarian truce.

“The general consensus is that the reason for the current unprecedented escalation is the long-term stagnation in the Middle East settlement process. In this context, Vladimir Putin again outlined a principled position <...> and a fair solution to the Palestinian problem on a well-known international legal basis, which would provide for the creation of an independent Palestinian state coexisting in peace and security with Israel,” the Kremlin statement emphasizes.

In addition, Putin discussed with Sisi Egypt’s assistance in evacuating Russians and citizens of CIS countries from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on October 16, Russian Presidential Assistant Yuri Ushakov reported journalists that Putin plans to have a telephone conversation, including with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The aggravation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began on October 7 with an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, and the Israeli government announced that the country had entered a state of war. According to the latest data, the death toll in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone has exceeded 4,000 people: on the Israeli side it has reached 1,400 people, on the Palestinian side it has exceeded 2,670.

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