Putin has aligned himself first with the leader of the EU region

Russian President Vladimir Putin held negotiations with Prime Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban in Beijing.

Dzherelo: MTI agency sent to the head of the press service of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Bertalan Khavashi, “European truth” s posilanyam naIndex.

Details: Orban discussed with Putin the Ugric-Russian union in the sphere of gas and oil supply, as well as nuclear energy.

The leader of the Ugric order, at the hour of the meeting, voiced his importance to the world. Having said that for the entire continent, including the Ugorsk region, it is important that the flow of refugees, sanctions and military actions be implemented.

What blew:

  • Previously, Putin’s river manager Dmitro Peskov stated that there were no plans to ally with Orban, but negotiations still took place. Above all, across the river, Putin has aligned himself with the leader of the European Union. In the spring of 2022, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer arrived in Moscow and met with the head of the Kremlin.
  • Orban is regularly featured in Russian propaganda with anti-Ukrainian statements. Zokrema, saying that the historical possibility of annexing Ukraine to NATO has been spent and is unnecessaryforget about Kiev joining the Alliance.
  • He also stated thatthrough the war in Ukraine it was not clear what its territory and population wereand also having said that the EU, before “serious proposals for the entry” of Ukraine, may conduct a strategic analysis of how it relates to the union.

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