Putin called the honoring of an SS veteran in the Canadian Parliament “savagery”

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the honoring of the veteran of the SS Galicia division Yaroslav Hunk (Gunko) in the Canadian Parliament as savagery.

“It was absolutely disgusting to watch when the head of the Ukrainian state – a Jew by nationality – applauded not some ideological follower of Nazism, but a man who personally exterminated the Jewish population of Ukraine. It’s just disgusting,” he said during a limited meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the CIS.

Putin also expressed hope that similar situations will not occur in the CIS countries.

On September 22, Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota invited Hunka to a meeting of the Canadian Parliament with the participation of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The SS veteran was presented as a war hero and honored with applause.

Rota later apologized “to every Holocaust survivor and World War II veteran.” On September 26, it became known that the Speaker of the House of Commons would resign. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking in the House of Commons, called the incident a disgrace “for all of Canada.” He also apologized to Zelensky and the Ukrainian delegation “for the position in which they were placed.”

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