Putin arrived at the opening of the “One Belt, One Road” forum

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the opening of the III International Forum “One Belt – One Road”, said that Moscow and Beijing share the desire for equal cooperation while respecting the right of each state to its own development model.

“We have repeatedly noted that Russia and China, like most countries in the world, share the desire for equal, mutually beneficial cooperation in order to achieve universal sustainable and long-term economic progress and social well-being, while respecting civilizational diversity and the right of each state to its own development model,” – he said.

In addition, Putin noted that Russia is pleased with the successful implementation of the One Belt – One Road forum. The President wished China success in implementing all its plans and noted that this “concerns many of us.” “With such a global scale, which was initiated by the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China 10 years ago, frankly speaking, it is difficult to expect that everything will work out. Our Chinese friends are doing it,” he said.

The Russian President also invited interested countries to participate in the development of the Northern Sea Route, navigation along which will become 24/7 throughout its entire length next year. Putin also invited forum participants to participate in the “Transport Week” in mid-November in Moscow, where they will discuss, among other things, the creation of “an operating commission on transport logistics that could deal with the development of international transport corridors in their entire complex.”

Putin arrived in Beijing for a two-day visit early on the morning of October 17. In addition to participating in the “One Belt, One Road” forum and negotiations with President Xi Jinping, the Russian president has already held bilateral meetings with the President of Vietnam, the Prime Minister of Thailand, the President of Mongolia, the President of Laos and the acting President. Prime Minister of Pakistan. In addition, Putin Meets with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The theme of the current forum will be “High-quality cooperation within the framework of the One Belt, One Road”.

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