Putin announced a large number of Russians in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone


There are many Russians in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. About it stated Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting on operational issues.

“Taking into account the developing situation, taking into account the fact that many of our citizens are in the conflict zone, both on one side and the other, and the civilian population is suffering, the question of humanitarian assistance in the region arises here,” the president said.

Putin noted that it is important for him to hear the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as special services, foreign intelligence and other services that are present at the meeting, about the current situation.

On October 13, at the summit of CIS leaders in Bishkek, Putin statedthat Israel has been subjected to an attack of unprecedented brutality by the Palestinian group Hamas and has a right to protection. At the same time, the president again called for the creation of an independent state of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem. Commenting on Israel’s preparations for a ground operation in Gaza, the Russian leader emphasized that in such a scenario, “loses among civilians would be absolutely unacceptable.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov previously also expressed hope for the creation of a Palestinian state after the end of the conflict, based on the principles approved by the UN.

The aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began on October 7 with an attack by Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip on Israel and retaliatory strikes by the Israeli army on the strip. According to the latest data, the death toll during the new round of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has exceeded 4,000 people. According to Al Jazeera TV channel, the death toll on the Israeli side reached 1,400 people, and on the Palestinian side – exceeded 2,670.

Among the dead are Russians. October 14, Russian Embassy in Israel reported about the death of 16 Russian citizens, eight people are listed as missing. Another Israeli with dual citizenship is on the list of prisoners in the Gaza Strip.


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