Putin and Si are negotiating

Negotiations between Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are taking place in Beijing.

Dzherelo: RIA News, TASS i Telegram of the Kremlin

Details: First, Putin spoke at the third International Forum “One Belt, One Road,” and then negotiations with the Chinese leader began.

Russian President Dmitro Peskov, a riverman, told TASS that Putin and Si continued negotiations at the university warehouse, and then the meeting will continue overnight.

At the beginning of the delegation, Volodymyr Putin stated that close foreign political coordination is required in their minds, Russia and China themselves will do the same.

Having added that after the growth of the rivers, the level of $200 billion in trade turnover is already reached, and according to the calendar fate, this show will definitely be met.

Xi Jinping stated that the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are diligently pursuing political mutual trust and promoting strong strategic mutual cooperation. Having also said that the leaders of Russia and China have enjoyed warm business and special friendship.

As Russian propaganda conveys the words of Xi, Beijing is ready to deal with Russia “to protect international justice.”

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