Putin and Netanyahu discussed the worsening of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephone conversation in which they discussed the crisis situation that has arisen due to the sharp escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. About it reported Kremlin press service.

During the conversation, the Russian head of state condemned any actions that victimize the civilian population, including women and children.

The President of the Russian Federation also spoke about Moscow’s assistance in normalizing the situation. He also spoke out about the inadmissibility of further escalation of violence and called for preventing a humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the key points of telephone conversations with the leaders of Palestine, Egypt, Iran and Syria were brought to the attention of the Israeli side.

Putin also confirmed Russia’s readiness to continue work aimed at “ending the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation and achieving a peaceful settlement through political and diplomatic means.”

Earlier the same day, the Kremlin press service reportedthat Putin had telephone conversations with the presidents of Syria, Iran, Egypt and Palestine Bashar al-Assad, Ebrahim Raisi, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Mahmoud Abbas. The leaders of the countries unanimously declared the need for an early ceasefire and the establishment of a humanitarian truce for urgent assistance to all those in need.

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel, accusing its authorities of oppression and violations of the rights of Palestinians. The group attacked border units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and entered populated areas, taking military and civilian hostages. The IDF responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, initiating large-scale bombing of the Gaza Strip. The total number of deaths during the clashes exceeded 4,000 people, more than half of them were Palestinians.

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