Putin allowed some companies not to disclose information about their activities

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, companies included in the list of economically significant organizations have the right not to disclose information about their activities, unless such information is requested. This decision was made in response to unpleasant actions from the United States and other Western countries.

According to the decree, companies, as well as their shareholders, will be exempt from the obligation to disclose information provided for by such laws as “On Banks”, “On Joint Stock Companies”, “On the Securities Market”, “On Auditing Activities”, “On Consolidated Companies”. financial statements” and others. To do this, they must provide notice to the appropriate federal authorities.

However, if federal authorities require such information, companies will be required to provide it. Publication of this data in government information systems and other sources is prohibited.

An economically significant organization is a company that is of significant importance for the economic sovereignty and security of Russia. A list of such organizations is compiled by the Russian government. In order to be recognized as economically significant, companies must have revenue of more than 75 billion rubles, an asset value of more than 150 billion rubles and a number of employees of more than 4 thousand people.

Earlier, the department’s website reported that the Ministry of Finance would hold an auction on February 27 for the sale of diamonds from the State Fund. More about this read the materiale Public News Service.

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