Psychologists report five main signs of an intelligent person

According to the results of various scientific studies, five main signs of highly intelligent people have been identified, reports.

The first unexpected sign is associated with a mess on the desktop. Scientists from the University of Groningen claim that a variety of objects on the table promotes clarity of thinking and making original decisions.

The second sign of an intelligent person is sharpness in communication. Psychologists Christine and Timothy Jay from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology noticed that people who make fun of colleagues and acquaintances have a richer vocabulary compared to calmer individuals and show a high reaction speed.

The third sign of intelligence is a preference for late sleep. Research shows that night owls are more likely to have higher intelligence than early risers.

The fourth sign of an intelligent person is anxiety. Dr. Alex Penny from Lakehead University in Ontario believes that excessive anxiety can indicate a high level of intelligence, since constant thinking and worry indicate a deep analysis of the situation.

The fifth sign of intelligence is underestimating your own intelligence. This effect is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. People with low intelligence are unable to fully recognize their mistakes and continue to consider themselves omniscient, even in areas where they are not competent. Smart people, on the contrary, tend to downplay their level of knowledge.

An additional sign of smart people can be considered a good sense of humor, since it requires a certain amount of knowledge to create and understand subtle puns.

Earlier it was reported that doctor Zarema Ten named the first signs of diabetes. According to her, being in a state of prediabetes, a person may not experience negative feelings and live his normal life. More about this – in the material Public News Service.

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