Psychologist Yakuba spoke about the rules for quality weekend rest

Psychologist Daria Yakuba gave some advice to Russians on how to have a quality rest during the New Year holidays and return to the previous rhythm of work. About it reports RT.

First of all, the specialist advised sticking to a sleep schedule and not trying to “sleep off the entire past year.”

In addition, you should take breaks if you feel tired or emotionally stressed. You can relax and spend the day reading a book, watching a movie, or doing your favorite hobby. At the same time, the psychologist called leisure with gadgets wasted time, which can lead to worsening health problems.

“If a person is unable to spend a long time without uselessly consuming content, then the help of a specialist may be required,” the publication quotes Yakubu.

She also recommended setting new goals and objectives for yourself to awaken additional motivation. This could be a promotion at work, a trip, or the acquisition of a desired item.

It was previously reported that Russians in 2023 began to more often turn to psychologists with complaints of stress, and also worry about money. Gestalt therapist Ekaterina Artemenko reported this in an interview with RBC.

More details read the material Public News Service.

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