Psychologist Vafin: The new “Homebody Kuzya” is not dangerous for children

The trailer for the film “Kuzya the Brownie” was published on YouTube. Many users began to actively discuss it. Psychologist Arthur Vafin told us whether the character’s controversial appearance can really harm the younger generation. About it writes online publication “Moscow Region Today”.

Some commentators compared the hero to the killer Chucky doll from the horror film Child’s Play. According to the psychologist, cartoons are a tool for putting pressure on the psyche. He noted that recognizing him as the Chucky killer doll depends on the looking eyes.

He explained that Kuzya may seem creepy, but it all depends on the child’s excitability. The psychologist emphasized that parents should teach children to distinguish reality from fiction.

Earlier, the general director of the Mosfilm film concern, Karen Shakhnazarov, in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper, spoke about the situation in the Russian film industry after the introduction of sanctions. He stated the need to increase the production of paintings in Russia. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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