PSPB: Single women are less likely to be discriminated against than single men

Canadian scientists from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia divided lonely people into four archetypes. However, they are perceived differently depending on gender. This was reported in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

The experiment involved 286 men and women aged about 50 years. They filled out an online questionnaire with questions. There were questions about stereotypes and perceptions of discrimination against people living without partners.

Researchers have found that single women and men are perceived as having traits such as independence and kindness, while negative stereotypes suggest that they are selfish or promiscuous.

Psychologists have found that people perceive lonely women better than lonely men.

One of the authors of the study, Hannah Dupuis, said that single women were emphasized in their resilience, creativity and strength. However, stereotypes of single men were often negative, with some viewing single men as “pedophiles” and “misogynists”, highlighting how some single men may be perceived as dangerous.

Based on the data, scientists have identified four main archetypes of a lonely person. They were called “professional”, “carefree”, “heartless” and “outcast”.

“Professionals” sacrifice close relationships for the sake of ambitions and careers.

“Carefree” people were characterized as freedom-loving, kind and cheerful people who want to enjoy life without the restrictions of a serious relationship.

“Heartless” single people are perceived by others as selfish, hypocrites and libertines.

“Outcasts” are left alone because they are unattractive and antisocial.

The study authors also found that single people, regardless of gender, often face discrimination due to the lack of a partner.

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