Prisoner Bakiev, brutally raped in Irkutsk IK-6, committed suicide

Member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights Eva Merkacheva said that Takhirzhon Bakiyev, convicted of stealing weapons, was found dead in IK-6 (Irkutsk colony). Moskovsky Komsomolets published an article about the incident.

“People, I am not a maniac, not a pedophile, not a terrorist, not a murderer. He did not offend children, old people and women. I am not a villain to disfigure me in such a way and then drive me crazy,” Bakiyev wrote in his letter.

According to Eva Merkacheva, Bakiyev was previously convicted of stealing weapons. However, two years ago he was the victim of brutal violence using a mop. A suicide attempt is suspected, but the source notes that the convict could have died from the effects of torture.

In connection with the facts of ill-treatment of Bakiyev, two criminal cases were registered. The first case involved the accusation of the head of IK-6 Alexei Agapov, the deputy head of the operational department Alexei Mednikov and detective Anton Erokhin of exceeding official authority with the use of violence.

The second case involves six prisoners from IK-6 who are accused of sexual assault.

In February 2023, the employees of IK-6 were sentenced by the Sverdlovsk District Court of Irkutsk, finding them guilty and sentencing them to five years in prison.

It became known earlierthat in Vladivostok, “healers” who deceived residents out of 730 thousand rubles were arrested. They were identified.

It was also reportedthat in the Chelyabinsk region a man beat his partner with a metal pipe. Read more about this in the material of the Public News Service.

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