Prince William said Kate Middleton is more talented than him

During a visit to a charity center, Prince William spoke about his wife Kate Middleton, who has not been seen in public for more than two months.

Many rumors were caused by Kate’s disappearance after abdominal surgery. Fans of the royal family around the world began to speculate about the reasons for the disappearance of the princess. One theory is that she underwent plastic surgery and is now going through the recovery process. At the same time, some Internet users Great Britain It is believed that Kate and Prince William are on the verge of divorce.

Despite all the speculation, the palace is trying to show that nothing special is happening. On March 14, Prince William appeared in public and expressed his support for Kate. He visited the WEST Youth Zone charity in West London, where he baked cookies with the center’s wards. One of the boys praised his skills, and the prince noted that his children and wife were much more talented in this matter.

The prince’s comment about Kate’s talent came at just the right time as it raised hopes that the princess was okay.

Earlier it was reported that the British are looking for the reasons for Kate Middleton’s seclusion. More details in material Public News Service.

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