Prime Minister of Israel at the Beast of the Nation: "The whole thing is the cob"

After more deadly airstrikes on the Gazi Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday: “The whole thing is the cob.”

Dzherelo: The Times of Israel 

Details: in a short statement to the nation about the war with Hamas and to boost Netanyahu’s morale, saying: “Today everyone knows that we are fighting for Fatherlandism, and we are fighting like the left. We are all united.”

He also said that Israel is rejecting “great international support.”

Direct language: “We will never forget these atrocities that were committed by our enemies and will never be forgotten. And we will never allow the world to forget the atrocities that were not inflicted on the Jewish people for more than a decade.

We are attacking our enemies with unprecedented strength, but naked: nothing more than an ear of corn.

Our enemies have only begun to pay the price. I won’t reveal what will happen next. Well, I’ll tell you what’s more than a cob.

Hamas is weak and we can overcome it. Just take an hour, before we finish this war stronger, no matter what.”


  • 7 zhovtnya Hamas launched a massive missile attack on Israel.
  • Aviation to Israel on the night of the 9th continued to strike the Gaza Strip, to “reduce the power of the terrorist group Hamas.” It appeared that the military bombed not only the commanders’ huts, but also the huts of the active fighters. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that attacked 500 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets.
  • It was also reported that Israel has returned to control all areas on the border of the Gazi Strip.
  • On June 10, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that Israel would move to “all-out offensive”to the Ghazi Sector.
  • On the 13th, the Israeli army announced that it had carried out “local raids” in the Gazi Sector by clearing the territory of potential terrorists.

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