“Prime”: Fraudsters scare with “bad tests”, extorting money for treatment

It is important to remember to protect your medical privacy and be wary of calls offering information about test results or treatment for money. For example, scammers may use the phrase “bad medical tests” to get the victim to pay for further consultation. Prime informs about this.

Managing partner of MCA Aronov and Partners, lawyer Alexander Aronov emphasizes that according to the law doctors do not have the right to disclose information about your health by phone.

In case of a suspicious call, it is better to contact the medical institution yourself to confirm its legitimacy. This will help avoid fraud and protect your medical information.

Earlier it became known that scammers had come up with a new way to steal money through a smartphone screen using social engineering methods. This method is simple to perform but very effective. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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