Prigozhin supported the return of the death penalty

Producer Joseph Prigogine spoke out for the return of the death penalty after the terrorist attack in Moscow “Crocus City Hall”. He shared his opinion in a conversation with MK.

“I believe that humanism does not work here. People must understand that they must be shot for committing such crimes,” the producer explained his position.

According to him, only awareness by criminals of the maximum punishment will lead to their abandonment of cruel and massive terrorist attacks in which innocent citizens suffer.

“Participants in serious crimes of this kind, involving the killing of civilians, where guilt is definitely proven, should be subject to crucifixion. There is no other way,” Prigozhin concluded.

Crocus militant Fariduni threatened death in Podolsk back in 2023. More details read the material Public News Service.

Message Prigozhin supported the return of the death penalty appeared first on Public news service.

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